Saturday, May 11, 2013

Signs of Hypocrisy

Signs of hypocrisy

Last fall my opponent, incumbent Nic Platt, brought to the Environmental Commission (EC) a request to draft a sign ordinance regulating political signs.[1] At the February 6, 2012 EC meeting, the draft ordinance was presented, specifically addressing these signs.

At this meeting, I spoke up against the proposal, because targeting political speech infringes our civil rights. It also appeared to be a conflict of interest for a Township Committee member up for re-election to be pursuing such an ordinance. The initiative was dropped, following the February 11, 2013 Township Committee meeting I attended, where I voiced my concerns about the proposed ordinance.[2]

The draft ordinance included an option to reprint disclosure already required under NJ State law, of the name and address of the committee financing the political sign.

The irony to all this: Mr. Platt’s campaign signs omit the required disclosures!

It’s time to restore Rule of Law to Harding Township. Use of Boards and Commissions to pursue a personal agenda, and proposing ordinances that infringe our civil rights, must be called out.

If you would like to vote in the Primary Election (Tuesday, June 4), the deadline for voter registration is Tuesday, May 14. Please follow this link for the form.

Please vote for Judy Malloy in the Republican Primary! Unaffiliated voters may go to the polls on Election Day and declare party affiliation to participate.


Judy Malloy

[1] Minutes from Environment Commission meeting, November 14, 2012, page 3 ‘New Business.’
[2] Minutes from Township Committee meeting, February 11, 2013, page 10 ‘Hearing Persons Present.’

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